The Fun We Have

Afterschool Room, Our Rant And Roar Week

We made jelly houses for our back drop. It took a lot of coloring but with great team work it was a great success. 

Our table set up for our kitchen party. Purity syrup, ginger snaps, snowballs,lemon squares and peppermint knobs. 

All the children brought in something to represent Newfoundland and Labrador. We had a lot of different items such as a lobster, a puffin, a seal, flags, buttons, different berries and more.

Wilfred and Wilhelmina inspired our children so much that they wanted to show them their mummer dance. A great time was had by all.

These two made the kitchen party. Wilfred and Wilhelmina Miller did amazing job. They played lots of songs and answered lots of questions. We loved having you two here. Come again soon.

Practicing the mummer dance. We went mummering to the other classrooms. They had so much fun.