Our Philosophy

Kids Kampus Daycare Preschool Programs

At Kids Kampus we are here to provide quality child care to all children in our programs. We know that children learn so much through their play and that access to developmentally appropriate play materials, along with educated staff, can make for learning experiences that children need. 

         Children are supported and encouraged to be independent in their decisions about their play, as well as the direction of their play. The caregivers are here to observe and provide materials that are developmentally  appropriate and of the children’s interest, so that the children are able to reap the full benefits of their play. 

         Children develop at their own pace, and that we, as childcare providers, must recognize this and  be there to nurture this development and provide the  experiences and materials needed to aid in their developmental process. As well, all children are individuals and each must be treated that way. Each child has their own strengths and weaknesses and the programming needs to be able to reflect this. Adjustments in programming to cater to the needs of each child will be carried out by the child care providers.

We encourage involvement from the child’s family and wish to develop a bond with them. We think of our centre as part of each child’s extended family and work together as a team to provide the best care for each child. We support each family’s culture and beliefs, and do our best to incorporate this into our programming. (ex. Celebrating different holidays that happen, pictures, guests , having literature on different cultures in the room, etc)

         At Kid Kampus we strive to ensure that all children are treated equally and have access to the highest quality care.  Our staff  are educated in providing superior care with program planning in all areas of play that reflects the development and interest of the children. We strive to create lasting bonds with our families, which only strengthens the quality of care we are able to provide.