Meet our staff...

Preschool Administrator

Preschool Room 2

Deborah Hussey

Preschool Administrator and Preschool 2 lead staff.
Diploma in Early Childhood Education from CONA.
English Degree and Master’s Degree in TESOL.
Worked at Canada International School in South Korea and taught Kindergarten for 10 years and moved
to Newfoundland in 2007. I have been working at Kids Kampus since 2010.
I am married and have one amazing daughter. I love working with children every day and enjoy
watching them grow and learn.

Afterschool Administrator/

Afterschool Room 2 Staff

Tania Wheeler

Diploma in Early Childhood Education

from Career Academy

Diploma in Teacher Aid

Worked in childcare since graduation 1996

Owned and operated my own home daycare

Worked with ages from infant to 12 yrs.

I have an awesome son in the military and an amazing daughter who is an artist/writer.

Toddler Room
Krista Byrd (Lead staff)

Toddler, lead staff.
I graduated as a level 2 Early Childhood Educator from Keyin Collage in 2014.
I have been working in licensed daycares for almost 2 yrs now, with kids from infant to 12 yrs.
I am a happy energetic person that loves working with children every day.
I have 2 children of my own, a boy and a girl.

Toddler Room

Faith Hardy (second staff)
I am enrolled to Collage of the North Atlantic for Early Childhood Education Program.
I have two dogs, Zoey and Oliver.
I love children and that why I chose Early Childhood as my career.
I love spending time with my nieces and going shopping.

Preschool 1 Room
Rebecca Wilton (Lead staff)

​I am currently studying Early Childhood Education.
I am a new mom of a beautiful little girl.
I have recently returned back to work here at Kids Kampus from being on maternity.
I have been working in this field for 4 years.
I enjoy helping children learn and develop.

Preschool 1 Room
Rebecca Gillard (second staff)
Currently working on my ECE entry level and planning to become an Early Childhood Educator.
I love working with children and have two girls of my own.
I am a very energetic person who enjoys interacting and teaching children.

Inclusion worker
Kylie  Frost
I am originally from Duncan BC. I moved to NF just over a month ago and am loving it so far.
I have a diploma in child and youth care and am working towards my Bachelors.
I’ve worked with children ages 1-17 years of all abilities and in a variety of settings.
In my free time I like exploring around me with my dog, going camping, reading and doing yoga.

Preschool 2 Room

Kelly Hayse (second staff)
Currently working on my ECE entry level and planning to get my level 2.
Operated my own dayhome for over eight years.
Worked with children from ages 2-12 yrs.
I have two boys.
I love working with children watching them learn and grow daily.

Angela Greeley
Preschool 3 (lead staff)

I began the field of Early Childhood Education in 1998.
I am a mom of two children.
I believe that the most important aspect in our work with young children is, fostering positive self-
worth, self-esteem and independence.

Preschool 3 Inclusion

Alyssa Medlar
I am originally from Marysvale.
I started in school as a hair stylist then changed my field to childcare and am currently working on my
level 1.
I have a dog named Charlie.
I absolutely love Newfie/Irish music.
I love helping children with their self-esteem and helping them learn new things everyday and ensuring
they have a safe and caring environment.

Afterschool Room 1

Katie Kidd (lead staff)
I am from Halifax, Nova Scotia.
I am a certified elementary school teacher.
I have no children, but I do have a cuddly cat named Oscar.
I love working with children, and learning from them.

Afterschool Room 1

Elaine Abbott (second staff)
I have two boys that are all grown up and no grandchildren.
I live in Portugal Cove.
I love gardening and helping children learn new things.

Afterschool Room 2

TJ Shea (second staff)
I grew up in Mary’s town, NL.
I am currently attending memorial University, working on a degree in Physical Education.
My favorite pass time include playing sports and hanging out with my friends.
I have been working at Kids Kampus since June 2018.
It’s been a great experience working here at Kids Kampus.

Ashley Day
Kitchen / Floater

I am the daughter of the owners, Scott and April.
I have been working at Kids Kampus since it opened in 2002, both full time and part time.
I have my entry level for both preschool and afterschool.
I have worked with the city of St. John’s for a couple of years as a child camp counsellor in the Shea
Heights summer program.
I am currently attending Collage of the North Atlantic studying office Administration, Records